Wednesday, July 16, 2014

[Puerto Rico Python Interest Group] Wish For The Future Technology Workshop

The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed,” William Gibson.   What will you do? How will you make sure that you, or your children, thrive in the future?  Will you settle for merely surviving the future?  Or will you create the future by inventing it? What will do to master the future and make technology work for you, your children, and your business?

The Puerto Rico Python Interest Group, along with Optico Fiber from Critical Hub Networks, is proud to present the first ever “Wish For the Future” (W4TF)  technology workshop.  The week long workshop is open to ages 9 to 99 and will provide an introduction to digital media technologies.  As space is limited, tickets are available on a first come, first serve basis.  Interested participants can find out more information by visiting the PRPIG community on Google Plus, the PRPIG Facebook Page, and Twitter @pr_pig.

Wish For The Future

The W4TF is a hub of inspiration, ideas, and activities to facilitate cross-generational learning among kids and adults aged 10 - 99. It’s aim is to foster a creative platform for envisioning a future in which the world will work for 100% of humanity. How do we make the world work for 100% of humanity in the shortest possible time through spontaneous cooperation without ecological damage or disadvantage to anyone? If you were the pilot of “Spaceship earth.” how would you operate it to sustain humanity and the planet? What do you want to make of the future?

The workshop is planned for July 28th until Aug 1.  Sessions will be from 12:00pm to 4:00 pm.  Critical Hub Networks has generously donated the theater of the art deco El Telégrafo building in Santurce.

The workshop will consist of workstations that participants will rotate through during the course of the week.  In each workstation the participant will interact with some advanced technology to help create a time capsule with the workshop's collective wish for the future.  The time capsule is scheduled to be opened in 2112.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

[Guagua Pública] Home Is Where The SEO Is

Six years ago in Puerto Rico, we still hadn't seen any significant interest in social media.  Back then, the typical company website was an outdated Macromedia Flash, now Adobe Flash, movie.  The most prominent view of the Internet at that time was that your company web page was nothing more than a digital brochure.  There was little or no interaction and updates to the site were few and far between.  Unfortunately, many still are, even today.  Fast forward to today, and if you're not on Facebook or Twitter then you're out of the picture.

Brand Visibility Driven By Organic SEO
Leading many to believe that, social media has made websites obsolete, right?  Again, what is missing is an understanding of how the Internet works.  The only way to generate organic growth in your SEO (brand visibility) is to have a web page where you publish Googlebot ready content.

For the most part, social media is an SEO wasteland, the main reason why is due to the wealth of sensitive information that sites like Facebook and Google Plus contain.  Due to the possible risk, many constrain they privacy settings, which then makes that information "virtually" invisible to search engines.

One way I like to explain this concept is for website owners to picture their company's website at the middle of a wagon wheel.  There may be numerous spokes liking your business with different websites and services, but everything should be linked back to the hub of the wheel.  In terms of effectively telling a consistent story about your brand, then the hub is where the story canon resides.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

[Puerto Rico Python Interest Group] O'Reilly User Group Program - Free Books for Review

One of the many benefits of participating in the O'Reilly User Group is free books for review.  With this opportunity Puerto Rico Python Interest Group members can complete reviews of any book in their catalog.   PRPIG is standing member in the program, which means if you're a member of PRPIG, you can participate right now!

Not a member? Simply join the PRPIG Google+ Community or like the PRPIG  Facebook Page.

Leave me a comment if you would like to find out more information about this opportunity. I look forward to participating myself. I'll let you know how it works out.

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[DONDEQUIERA] The Incredible Shrinking Economy

Puerto Rico Economy Loses More Than 275,000 Employees

Puerto Rico Economy
In April 2006, Puerto Rico’s employed labor force hit it’s all-time high at 1.28 million employees.  Since that peak, that number has shrunk by nearly 285,000 employees, about 22% of the entire labor force.  To put that into perspective, Puerto Rico now has the same labor force as it once did in May of 1992.  That’s like rolling the economic calendar back 22 years, one need not look anywhere else to explain the mass exodus off the island.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has a wonderful infographics section entitled “Economy At A Glance.”  On the web page, they provide recent statistics for labor force data, which includes the total civilian labor force, the total number of employees, and the total number of unemployed. They further breakdown the non-farm employment numbers into the top industry classifications, including: Mining, Logging, and Construction, Manufacturing, Trade, Transportation, and Utilities, Information, Financial Activities, Professional & Business Services, Education & Health Services, Leisure & Hospitality, and Government

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Sunday, July 6, 2014

[DONDEQUIERA] New Focus on Dondequiera - Building the Next Million Views

A Strong Finish for 2014

Back in the January 2007 I started the Dondequiera blog as an integral part of Dónde  Now almost 8 years later, is dead, but Dondeequiera lives on!  To celebrate it’s on-going legacy, I’ll putting new focus on the blog to finish out 2014 stronger than ever.

Why Now?

Dondequiera now at
As my most popular online publishing platform, Dondequiera is on the cusp of reaching some amazing milestones.  As it stands today, the blog has received over 425,546 page views in it’s history, and has 904 published entries.  So today I commit myself to make up for lost time and push Dondequiera forward.  By the end of the year, my goal is to surpass 1,000 published entries and with the fickle Internet gods willing, break half a million page views.

Last year, I was forced to switch the primary website address to Dondequiera, when finally went dark.  It was a painful switch, and I lost years of diligent SEO work when the old addresses became missing, but it was a switch that had to be done.  Thankfully, google has been slowly reindexing some of the pages, so I’m still getting some link love, but I’m hoping that I can help it along by regularly posting new content.

Then What?

I’m still carrying the last branding legacy of, so every time I post a new entry it is with both wistfulness and melancholy.  I’m glad to have had the startup experience, but I think it is time to finally leave the last vestiges of that adventure behind.  So, while I’m busy generating new and improved content for the blog, I’ll be secretly working on a new blog design.  When I hit either of my goals, I’ll unveil a new look for the blog to carry it towards the next half a million views and another 1,000 posts.

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Monday, March 3, 2014

[Puerto Rico Python Interest Group] Sample Chapter - Head First Python

PRPIG Offering free access to O'Reilly Python Book Samples

As part of the O'Reilly User Group program, we have access to a library of O'Reilly book samples.  I'll be
sharing some of them that I think might be helpful for our community.

The first is Head First Python.  If you've been struggling with getting started, perhaps the Head First series might be able to help.  Designed and written using a completely new approach to teaching complex topics, the Head First books offer a fresh perspective on learning Python.

Head First Python - Sample

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[DONDEQUIERA] Wealth Destruction - A Black Hole of Despair Devouring Our Dreams In the Night

A Black Hole of Despair
Devouring Our Dreams In the Night
For me, the most shocking part our Puerto Rico's ongoing recession (depression?), is the vast fortunes of wealth that have disappeared.  Plant closings are huge write-offs for most corporations.  Think of it, they literally write those resources off of their books.  Instant wealth destruction.  What once had value, now has none.

Here is another sad tale of the ever-vanishing value* of Puerto Rico:

Three Pharmaceutical Companies to Close Plants in Puerto Rico
Abbott Laboratories ($ABT) is cutting jobs, with plans to whack a plant in Puerto Rico. The company just won't say how many jobs are on the chopping block. Abbott spokesman Scott Stoffel mentioned plans to close a manufacturing plant in Barceloneta in mid-2015.  Abbott has about 1,500 employees across the island.  
The plant closure is another tough hit for that part of Puerto Rico. In November, Pfizer ($PFE) said it would shutter a plant in Barceloneta by 2017 but couldn't say how many employees will lose jobs as a result. It has three plants and about 2,700 employees on the island. 
At about the same time, Merck ($MRK) said it would cease production at an active pharmaceutical ingredient plant in Barceloneta late in 2014 and move the formulation and packaging done at the facility to a contractor. It also intends to move formulation operations at its plant in Arecibo to its Las Piedras facility, and all of that work will go to a contractor by the end of 2016, it said.
From FiercePharma.

wealth destruction = less wealth ≈ less value

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