Sunday, November 20, 2011

Long-term value per engagement

Over time, I'm sure you'll become sick about hearing about the people that have most inspired me to take Mis Tribus to where it is now, and farther as we move into a very exciting 2012. But I'll always try to boil down their ideas into the diamonds that shine the most.

It's those diamonds that offer the most value for small and medium-sized companies. With these diamonds, business owners will hopefully be able to see a new way of looking at technology. My challenge is: compress the millions of pounds of coal into ideas that bring direct value into businesses. Infinite complexity only confuses in-experienced Internet users the most.

We've already heard from Kathy Sierra and Doc Searls, now I'd like to introduce Seth Godin. I've been a long-time fan of Seth's and have learned a lot from him. I credit him with all of the research I've done on permission-based marketing.

Long-term value per engagement

In his latest blog post, Seth picks up a line of thinking that he has been promoting since "Unleashing the Idea Virus." Let me try to break down his basic thinking:
  1. Advertising is noise.
  2. ∞ ads is almost like no advertising (Click through rate CTR is close to 0)
In an infinite market space means that we are unable to predict:
  • who are our customers (fans), 
  • where I will find them
  • what products they will buy
  • what are they're passions.
Our only hope as storytellers and brand managers, is to focus on:
  • Perception: Are you perceived as an annoyance, an interruptor--or are you a valued sponsor, a trusted friend, someone who is making things better?
  • Interaction: Are we focusing on maximizing our share of attention/customer? We've got to focus on giving more value than we're receiving. Share of attention will lead to a share of customer spending.
I'm very thankful for Seth's leadership over the years. To me he seems to be among a handful of writers who has a realistic grasp on what's happening in the early years of an infinite marketspace. Casual persuasion built upon a long term relationship based on trust is the only hope we have to break through people's bullshit filter.


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