Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mis Tribus eBook Store - Now Available

Just wanted to drop everyone a quick line to inform everyone of the new store we created for the books we've published so far. We've been busy focusing on publishing our own material, but that's because we become experts at publishing books. We're going to continue to follow that approach as both Gil and I both have quite a backlog of material to get publishing.

But don't get us wrong, Mis Tribus is not about Gil and I. We're merely learning how to be expert publishers so we can teach other independent authors to do the same. Soon we will be launching an author submission campaign for "20 in 5." Then during 2012, we'll be looking for Puerto Rican authors to branch out into more and more genres and niches.


albertpage said...

That's a huge huge step towards success! I do hope that this new store would become mega successful and will bring you both happiness and prosperity! All the best wishes on this beginning!
A. Page, owner of the original idea of a software that can convert mp4 to avi format

yili360 said...

Wow... that is a great news, i am looking forward to Puerto Rican authors to stretch out more genres and niches in this 2012.
John, fans ofvideo converter wmv to mov mac

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