Friday, November 4, 2011

Seminar: Conversational Model for Social Networks

Ever wonder how to squeeze the most juice out of social networks? Then you should attend the master class I will be giving on how to employ Mis Tribus' Conversational Model using Social Networks on Novemeber 28, 2011.

Participants of the seminar will receive a practical guide for using social networks. Many companies are encountering limited results with social networks, this seminar provides a simplified approach that:
  • generates more likes and followers
  • generates customer leads
  • converts leads into customers
  • reduces the time and money spent on advertising.
After years of research, Mis Tribus has made a breathtaking new discovery. Through a combination of tools and techniques, the Conversational Model produces more social engagement. In this seminar, participants will learn:
  • why social media marketing is so challenging
  • what are the 3 strategies that any social media marketing campaign must use
  • what is the Conversational Model
  • which freely available tools work together to produce the dramatic improvements of the Model
  • how to implement the Model
  • what 6 daily tasks power the benefits possible by the Model
Finally, as an added special bonus, each participant will get a free account to What is is Mis Tribus' social media engagement platform. Based on the Conversational Model, is an even simpler method to generate keyword (SEO) driven engagement on the Internet. Currently in limited invitation-only beta, will become a critical asset to any company's Internet marketing efforts. This offer will not be repeated ever again, aso ct now to claim your free account.


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