Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five actionable items to do today to get more traffic to your blog and website

Based on the max-strategy theory and the conversational model.

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Here are five actionable items that you can do right now to get more traffic to your blog and/or website:
  1. Locate a tool like TweetDeck, HootSuite, Postling that allows you to post messages to all your social media at once: Facebook, LI, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, etc. Tweetdeck and Postling are my favorites.

    This is a simple multiplier-affect activity. You may have only a short-time to send out some exciting news, so look for tools that give you a multiplier affect. The best strategy comes from doing something once, but having the same message AUTOMATICALLY posted to all of your premium social networks. Write one clever post and multiply it's reach by spreading as widely as possible in simple action.

  2. SEO, SEO and SEO - Learn these three important tricks:
    • Choose your title very carefully. Most blogging platforms use the title to create the permanent web address for your blog post. So use as many important keywords as possible.
    • On your individual blog posts, use HTML tags like A, B, H1, H2, EMPHASIS (italics), U (underline) on every occurrence of the keywords in your blog posts. This is SEO attraction bait. By highlighting these keywords with special tagging, you're giving the search engines a hint as to what is most important on the page. Blogger does this for me with keyboard shortcuts.

      There should be at least one use of the word or phrase within the post as there is for the tags, labels, or keywords used for the post
    • When you link to your own posts, always use keywords as the text and not something useless like 'here.'

      Better: Say visit the boldest flash fiction ebook series of flash fiction is now available from Mis Tribus' new "20 in 5."
      Than: You can find our new ebook here.

  3. Setup a TwitterFeed from your blog's RSS. That way, once you post, it automatically sends out a message to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

    This is another wonderful multiplier tool. Essential tool for every blog.

  4. Blog as much as you can. Daily for sure, but more is better. Use a variety of content. Try to vary short, medium, and long entries. Use shorter posts if possible.
  5. Aggressively grow your social graph. The combined connections of all of our social networks is our social graph. Implement a daily search for connections based on your most important key words. Add as many as a specific social network will allow.

    With each new connection you make, you exponentially increase the value of your social graph.
Bonus action item: Search for blogs with good SEO for your keywords (you do have a very clear set of keywords, right?). Go to those sites and interact. Leave a comment. Let them know you're passionate too. Whenever possible, leave a link back to your blog.


chriswhitewrites said...

Lots of good advice here for getting regular views the last point is important too. join as many informal groups as possible and always leave a trackback!


snadkis said...

I really like this post as you've given a lot of great tips here! I hope we can see an expansion of these tips too! especially points like #5, to which many examples and ideas can be done. I think it would be of interest to many people. (glad twitter brought us together! @snadkis)

Claire said...

posting messages to all social media at once is really convenient. Now that there are so many sites: LinkedIn, FB, MySpace, now even G+. I wish there was site combining all those things though, there is too many social networks.
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