Sunday, July 1, 2012

June Social Media Dashboard

In last month's version of this update, I only included my statistics.  I've now been able to bring together a significant number of new metrics.  This is very exciting,  it's the first time I've tried to establish my social footprint.

I've been using my max-strategy for about 18 months, in that time, this is my social network:
  • links created: 6,385 
  • clicks: 1,649 
  • Engagement: 28.5%
  • Countries reached: 46
That's less links and less clicks than May, but a higher engagement rate.  Collecting my stats I saw a graphic on the statistics page, the number of countries generating those 1,649 clicks.  I think that is amazing.  People in 46 countries are consuming my content.  Super cool!

New Metrics

I finally put together some aggregate statistics from the many social networking systems I use; they are also my social network.  I call this the "human limit;"  the most any one person can do to generate engagement.  I'm convinced, however, that any significant growth in my social network (or anyone who wants to exceed their own human limit) can only come from automation, robots, or agents.  Plain and simple, artificial intelligence (AI).  Much more on than soon.

Here's my human-limited social network:
  • Facebook Friends: 1,334
  • Mis Tribus Page on Facebook: 46
  • LinkedIn Connections: 939
  • LinkedIn Followers for Mis Tribus: 6
  • Twitter Followers (across a stable of accounts owned by Mis Tribus): 10,474
  • All Time Blogger Views (across a stable of blogs on multiple domains): 240,646
  • Views: 4,981
  • Pinterest: 134
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