Thursday, April 18, 2013

[DONDEQUIERA] Welcome Home, Pa'lante!

Today, I finished the conversion of MC Dondees, to yours truly.  It feels good to step out from behind the curtain.  The myriad reasons why we did it, shall remain locked in the past.  MC Dondees was a bad joke taken to the extreme.

Culebra, PR
For, good or worse, writing as MC Don Dees allowed me to rant about everything we learned about founding technology in Puerto Rico.  We thought we going to make a difference, and we did, but never in a way that we could actually monetize our traffic.

In the end, the concept of an Internet advertising startup based in Puerto Rico will always be sentenced  to a life of starvation.  I guess good, old Bob Davila from EnterPRize, knew it from the beginning.  The evidence eventually proved him right.

Even today, the non-existence of an Internet Advertising industry in Puerto Rico is astonishing.  Furthermore, the complete lack of search engine marketing is even more perplexing.  WTF? Search Engine Marketing is the most effective form of direct advertising ever invented.  Why would anyone NOT want to do it?

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