Thursday, April 4, 2013

[Puerto Rico Python Interest Group] Puerto Rico Python UG will host a look at Blimp in next prPIG meeting

Puerto Rico Python is pleased to announce our next meeting.  The meeting will be April 9th at 6:30 in the offices of Vasa Consulting.  Be advised that this is a new date.  Our normally scheduled Wednesday meeting was not possible, because the conference room was already booked. 

We will start a new content track with this meeting.  From now on, all meetings of the Puerto Rico Python Interest Group (prPIG) will include a tutorial or demonstration from a group member or a specially invited guest.

Our first tutorial will be offered by the co-founders of Blimp, a project management web service built in Python.  You can get blimp at  prPIG members Giovanni Collazo and José Padilla will be offering us a long behind the curtain at their software development stack.

Our "Hack the Hackathon" meeting was a smashing success.  You can watch the recording and see the fluid flow of great ideas.  The prPIG "Hackathon" meeting from 3/27 is available from Youtube via an On Air Google Hangout.

Although we are still seeking a date to lock in our first Python Hackathon, what we have decided on is the content.  The prPIG Python Hackathon will consist of three tracks. The first track will be a Python Install Fest; anyone wanting to install Python can bring their laptop and prPIG will make sure they walk away with a working version of Python.  

The second track will be tutorials given by prPIG members.  The final track will be a Python Sprint.  Using the Hacker League, prPIG will host a Python hacking contest.  More details of the hackathon will be available soon.  

An example of the type of content that prPIG will strive to produce in our Hackathon was recently created by one of its' members.  Robert Rosario produced "Screencast de como comenzar un proyecto de Django + Virtualenv;" thus completing one of prPIG's original goals, generate Python-related content in Spanish.  

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