Friday, June 7, 2013

[DONDEQUIERA] The 2013 Tech Summit and Hacker Bootcamp

I know I'm not the only one to be totally blown away at yesterday's Puerto Rico Tech Summit.  Everyone I chatted with, including some of the main organizers, where impressed at how well today's event came together.  To be sincere, most everyone believed that the event far exceeded our expectations and set a new bar for software development events in Puerto Rico.

For me personally, the Tech Summit provided me with great personal satisfaction.  It was an opportunity to reconnect with past colleagues and make a some new connections which I hope to convert into partners.  There was a unique vibe in the air. I don't know if it was just me, but I felt such a positive energy during the tech summit.

It was hard to escape the feeling that the information technology industry in Puerto Rico had forever changed.  I'm certain that we have finally made a huge leap forward in the adoption of Free Libre and Open Source Software in Puerto Rico.

Hacker Bootcamp

Axel Rivera and Juan Padilla Hacker Bootcamp TechSummitPRBecause I was speaking, I was not able to participate in the hackathon.  I did get to chat with 3 teams that were using Python on their projects, so that was cool.  I'm proud that the Puerto Rico Python Interest Group had such strong teams involved in the Hacker Bootcamp.

If it wasn't clear, the Hacker Bootcamp was held in recognition of the Nation Day of Civic Hacking, a national initiative involving 95 events.  With the participation of more than 100 software engineers, the hackathon included 23 projects, many of which used the recently released government application programming interfaces.  A truly amazing demonstration of civic action and programming capabilities.

Color me inspired. I can't wait to participate as a Python programmer in a future hackathon.  It's tough trying to master the Python programming platform after I've been a system analyst and project leader for so long.  One thing is certain, if there's any language that I stand a chance, it is with Python.

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