Sunday, July 6, 2014

[DONDEQUIERA] New Focus on Dondequiera - Building the Next Million Views

A Strong Finish for 2014

Back in the January 2007 I started the Dondequiera blog as an integral part of Dónde  Now almost 8 years later, is dead, but Dondeequiera lives on!  To celebrate it’s on-going legacy, I’ll putting new focus on the blog to finish out 2014 stronger than ever.

Why Now?

Dondequiera now at
As my most popular online publishing platform, Dondequiera is on the cusp of reaching some amazing milestones.  As it stands today, the blog has received over 425,546 page views in it’s history, and has 904 published entries.  So today I commit myself to make up for lost time and push Dondequiera forward.  By the end of the year, my goal is to surpass 1,000 published entries and with the fickle Internet gods willing, break half a million page views.

Last year, I was forced to switch the primary website address to Dondequiera, when finally went dark.  It was a painful switch, and I lost years of diligent SEO work when the old addresses became missing, but it was a switch that had to be done.  Thankfully, google has been slowly reindexing some of the pages, so I’m still getting some link love, but I’m hoping that I can help it along by regularly posting new content.

Then What?

I’m still carrying the last branding legacy of, so every time I post a new entry it is with both wistfulness and melancholy.  I’m glad to have had the startup experience, but I think it is time to finally leave the last vestiges of that adventure behind.  So, while I’m busy generating new and improved content for the blog, I’ll be secretly working on a new blog design.  When I hit either of my goals, I’ll unveil a new look for the blog to carry it towards the next half a million views and another 1,000 posts.

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