Tuesday, February 24, 2015

[DONDEQUIERA] Puerto Rico Governor Calls Us All Crooks

What makes the Daily Show and other "fake-news" shows so effective,a and funny, is when they can draw on the assumptions of how current events are explained and reported.

Holy Freaky Assumptions Batman!

So lets take the implementation of a VAT (IVA in Spanish) in Puerto Rico.  What are the plan's basic assumptions?

The obvious ones are:

  • The Puerto Rico economy is in a bad way, IMHO, which never really recovered from the global financial meltdown of 9/11.  Still crippled from that downturn, the banking meltdown of 2008 put our economy on life-support.
  • We owe a shit load of money, and want to borrow more.
  • People are fleeing Puerto Rico like rats jumping a ship, something the country already saw happen after the Great Depression; when millions of Puerto Ricans jumped the pond in search of a more prosperous life.
  • There continues to be a large black and grey market within Puerto Rico.

The subtle assumptions are:

  • To fix our economy we must reform our tax system.
  • We need to fix our tax system, because our current tax laws are generating less income.
  • Finally, we are not raising more tax income, because there are some who are evading the current system. 

So, with that logical sequence of assumptions, we can can come to one conclusion, that the Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Padilla believes that Puerto Rico is full of liars and crooks who will do anything to keep from paying taxes.  And there you have it, comedy gold.  With the focus on this new assumption, let the joke begin, the IVA, I mean.

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