Mis Tribus is a new media company, the first of its kind in Puerto Rico. We publish books, e-books. We are the first company in Puerto Rico to focus on publishing only electronics books. So far we have published four books with Smashwords, in 2012 will will begin publishing directly with Barnes and Noble.

In 2011 we successfully completed a contract with Barnes and noble that allows to publish directly into their e-books catalog. Our relationships with Barnes & Noble and Smashwords gives us great flexiblity to help authors publish to some of the leading e-book catalogs on the Internet.

As of 11/15/11, here are the books published by Mis Tribus:

  • Thirty Stories - Thirty stories, each about a page long, that was the goal. A goal worthy of fulfilling my need to feel the flow of writing, but with enough of a sense of urgency to pull the stories out of the large blank slate we call “inspiration.” Somerset Maugham once said that if you wait to write, you are a waiter, not a writer. I chose to write, as many times as it took to reach thirty stories.
  • Thirty More Stories - The second flash fiction anthology by Gil C. Schmidt is once again filled with quick takes ranging from mysteries and romance to westerns and science fiction. Perfect for coffee breaks, each short story is a tiny gem.
  • Enter The Phenomenologists - n Victorian England, Murchison and Leeds investigate the odd phenomena that appear to be attacks, while Abilene secretly faces the most direct attack against the British Empire.
  • Tales from the Hotel Central - When Brian stepped into the Hotel Central bar, he found himself on the edge of mysteries that no one could fathom...or hope to stop.